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Updated: Jan 24

Video has more viral potential then text or pictures on social media and YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet. So if you want to draw attention to your start-up, video is surely a smart option.

But, it's expensive.

And it looks cheap if you do it yourself.

And one video is not enough to keep the snowball rolling.

55€ (ex. VAT) for an outstanding video sounds unrealistic? Watch this one I made for Start-it@KBC member

Read on.

I started as a video editor and voice director in 1999, became self-employed in 2000. I had a very promising start of my career. I got praise as an editor because I was fast and creative, but I wanted more and I started filming, producing, directing, writing, ... but I wasn't able to sell. So I left video in 2015. I went into the drone business (pilot, insrtuctor) and set my first steps as an entrepreneur in 2018, backed by start-it @ KBC. In 2019 I left the company I founded, followed by a severe crash...

6 months later I realized that my passion and my field of expertise lies in the craft of video editing and that I have to build on that. I realized that I always criticise video, that there is no cut in the world that I cannot improve. That's what I had to build on. Unlike others, I pay a lot of attention to sound editing and I know that's a very effective way to let video stand out. In this video you get some extra info and flavour.

I offer 2 services suitable for start-ups:

Out-standing video based on 1 to 5 shots

Just upload a few shots and I'll make it something that will stand out. I'll edit, colour correct and sound design it (example) to something unique, with your call to action. In 1 hour work, for 55€, it will be done.

If you want extra content for social media, I will make 3 more versions for the price of 1.

Recycling of existing video

I will make any video better using sound effects, colour grading and re-editing (or recycling). The quality of the original video doesn't matter, you may be very sure that it will stand out more. Here's a before-and-after example of a low-budget video that I recycled. As long as the original video is under 2 minutes, I will recycle it in 1 hour for the launch price of 55€ ex VAT.

I love the burning start-up vibe. The will to accomplish things. Living on the edge. On the crossroads where dreams, will-power and smartness come together. Call me and you'll feel what I mean. +32 476 30 72 86

So no expensive productions, but fast and creative deep work. Service that pays off.

Mail me. Or take a look on my site.

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