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Video Skills Example 01

Norman Baert, one of the best DOP's (cameramen) in Belgium asked me to edit his showreel. He wanted it to be something special, to stand out. Different. I love such a request because I always want to go further when I'm editing. My style is... well.. different. Friends and colleagues often refer to the David Lynch and I admit, he is one of my heroes. Twin Peaks goed a long way!

The challenge was to make something coherent with a very wide variety of shots. I didn't need to tell a story, not even a call to action was required. A blank page so to speak. But nevertheless I got a lot of great footage to work with. I had a hard time finding a way to make it work until I sat down in my barn, doing nothing and being a little nervous. I heard the wind blowing and moving the barn gates a bit. I took an audio recorder and let it record for some minutes, imported it in my editing software and the whole thing took off! The sound you hear at the beginning of this video is the barn gate being slammed by the wind.

I want to use my own editing style a lot more. In fact, I want to stick with it. Because I know it has the potential to stand out. I'v always be considered... different...

With I am about to make a change. A real personal video style available for anyone for a reasonable price? How can I sell at such a price point? By being fast!

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Watou, Belgium

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